My goal as a winemaker is to convey to wine lovers the raw elegance and depth of expression of the grape variety and terroir of Lesvos through a few, harmoniously combined, clear-cut lines

Yannis Lambrou,
Producer of Methymnaeos Organic Wines

It is neither the grape we make our wines from, unique and elegant Chidiriotiko, which we saved from extinction in 1985. Nor our devotion to organic farming and winemaking. It is not even the lava, containing masses of sulfur and copper sulphate, of the inactive volcano in which we cultivate our grapes on the Greek island of Lesvos, although this very distinct terroir gracefully endows our wines with minerality and depth of expression.

Of course, all the above are part of our identity. But there is something else that truly guides us. Undoubtedly, this something else is our belief and insistence on clarity of form. It is the clarity of form found in all high art from the Parthenon to Japanese calligraphy that we are
talking about. In all refined music. In modern minimalism or a well-aimed shot by a great photographer or filmmaker. And, last but not least, in the balance and purity of the nature of Lesvos.

Indeed, to combine and express all these sources of inspiration in a bottle of wine is no easy thing, as it is no easy thing to discover and chose all that is best in a multitude of sensations and then to present it as a clear-cut and harmonious entity. Surely, such an endeavor has little to do with winemaking. It has everything to do with creating high art. But this is our purpose. This is our job. To make wine the way high art is made.

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